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The DSH attends the Public Sector Data and AI Summit 24

The Public Sector Data and AI Summit took place at the end of February and explored the key issues that will affect the public sector and its services over the next decade – including the boom in Generative AI, how to build trust in AI and decision making and understanding how data can be harnessed to improve citizens’ lives.

Professor Dave Topping, Deputy Director at the DSH spoke to delegates at the Summit about how broad applications of AI can enable policymakers to make effective use of data in areas such as air quality and health through use of modelling techniques such as digital twinning. Barriers to using data such as access, findability, and technical expertise were also discussed.

Initiatives such as the Digital Solutions Hub will overcome the barriers outlined above and will enable policymakers to have easy access to trusted integrated datasets. The output will allow them to analyse and visualise data enabling informed decisions to be made at the health environment interface.

If you were unable to attend the Summit then why not watch Professor Dave Topping’s presentation here  or read his article Data and Decision Making; how AI and data tools can help influence evidence-based policy change.